US Pak Aid As Bribe Money

Hagel Pakistan Mark Wilson

Photo: Mark Wilson

Visiting Pakistan, Hagel Seeks to Shore Up Alliance

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Probably the best example of how obvious “aid” money is used as bribe money in recent months:

“Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel cautioned Pakistan’s prime minister on Monday that if Pakistani regional officials followed through on their threats to block NATO supply lines for the war in Afghanistan, it could jeopardize hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to the military here, Pentagon officials said.”

The Pakistanis respond by being outraged at American drone strikes on Pak soil while secretly providing targeting information. Everybody knows what is really going on, and the US government goes right on maintaining the situation indefinitely. The government claims that America is getting out of Afghanistan in 2014, a claim that absolutely no one believes. The force size will evidently be reduced but that’s only smart. Another 100,000 Marines would not make a difference because Marines are not suitable to fighting in Afghanistan.

Here’s the most sickening quote:

“The talks covered ‘mutual and common interests,’ Mr. Hagel said after the meeting, and underlined that the militaries of both nations were trying to strengthen a relationship that General Sharif described as ‘long-lasting.'”

It is meant to be long-lasting because the plan is to let Pakistan swallow up Afghanistan and, together with Islamabad, Washington seeks to exploit the place for its mineral riches and energy and provide an excuse for an extended need for military expenditures on ships to patrol the Pacific, mess around in South Asia, and generally project itself in a part of the world where America has never had bases before. It is a secret, morally bankrupt policy that will unfold in the coming years slowly.

The truth is there is no need for any of this. There is no moral or strategic basis for this other than naked greed, and with Pakistan for a partner, there is no chance of this coming off without tremendous bloodshed. Every single senior government official who helps lie, cover up, and steal for this policy has a chair in hell waiting for them.

—David Dienstag